Postage stamps

Postage stamps are not just a pieces of paper with adhesive on the back. They are tiny ambassadors of a land's nature and historical heritage, sports, anniversaries and important history characters. Postage stamps can also be very useful in enriching and strengthening nation's knowledge.



Readers' choice awards

Top 10 Most Extraodinary Postage Stamps 2016 built by StampNews Editoral Team

#4. Augmented reality Fauna stamps by Slovenia Post

14. 06. 2017

Most popular stamps 2016 by StampNews readers’ opinion Slovenia lacemaking

16. 04. 2017


Most popular stamps 2015 by StampNews readers’ opinion Traditional Slovene breakfast

06. 03. 2016


Most popular stamps 2013 by our readers’ opinion and the Best Slovenian Stamp of 2013

The first underground Post Office in Postojna Cave and

Marine Fauna stamps covered with sea salt



Top 10 most touching postage stamps of 2008 The Letter

11. 3. 2009


Special Tag on


Slovene Ships - Portorož

Natural Parks of Slovenia series, Logarska Valley Regional Park



Slovene Cinema series - Na svoji zemlji / On Our Own Land MoreStampnews

Slovene Ships - Ljubljana More

Fossil Mammals in Slovenia - Mastodon MoreStampnews

Culture and tourism in the EDEN network - Koper MoreStampnews



Slovene Ships - Maribor More

500th anniversary of the start of the Reformation MoreStampnews
Natural Parks of Slovenia series, Notranjska Regional Park MoreStampnews



Slovene Ships - Piran MoreStampnews

7th OIDFA World Lace Congress MoreStampnewsOIDFA stamps

Euromed Postal / Fishes of the Mediterranean - sardina Sardina pilchardus MoreStampnews

Bottlenose dolphin Tursiops truncatus MoreStampnews
Common dolphin Delphinus delphis MoreStampnews
Striped dolphin Stenella coeruleoalba Stampnews
Fin whale Balaenoptera physalus Stampnews

25th Anniversary of the establishment of an independent Postal service in Slovenia MoreStampnews

New Year 2016 MoreStampnewsWOPA


Slovene Ships - Rog MoreStampnews

Euromed Postal / Boats of the Mediterranean - tonera MoreStampnews

Joint issue with Liechtenstein MoreStampnews

Traditional Slovenian breakfast / stamp with honey scent, MoreStampnewsPhilatelic Database

Christmas MoreStampnews



XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi More,Stampnews

Birds of Slovenia MoreStampnews

Birds of Slovenia - Eurasian crag martin More

Birds of Slovenia - Common merganser More

Birds of Slovenia - Lesser Kestrel More

Birds of Slovenia - Ural owl More

Birds of Slovenia - Great bittern More

Scouts - 40th World Scout Conference MoreStampnews

Rescue of Allied airmen MoreStampnews

Joint issue with India CHILDREN’S DAY MoreStampnews



Joint issue with Austria; Postojna Cave – Underground Post Office MoreAustrian PostStampnews

Golden Grey Mullet Liza aurata MoreStampnews

Loggerhead sea turtle Caretta caretta MoreStampnews

Common cuttlefish Sepia officinalis MoreStampnews

Damselfish Chromis chromis MoreStampnews

Slovene Films - Vesna MoreStampnews


70th Anniversary of the barbed wire fence around Ljubljana MoreStampnews

Medieval Monasteries - The Minorite Monastery of St Peter and St Paul in Ptuj MoreStampnews



60th anniversary of the Treaty of Paris More

Slovene Films - In the Realm of the Goldenhorn More



EUROPA – Children's Books MoreStampnews

Trolleybuses in Ljubljana MoreStampnews

The Letter More



Louis Braille (1809-1852) MoreStampnews

Climate Changes Are Threatening The Glacial Part Of Our Planet MoreStampnews

Road Vehicles - Trolleybus in Piran More, Stampnews



Presidency of the EUCouncil More

Prominent Slovenes - Primož Trubar More

EUROPA – Letter MoreStampnews

XXIX Summer Olympic Games Peking 2008 More


Minerals - Aragonite More

EUROPA 2007 - Scouts More

50th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome More

The Year of the Bible More

New Year More

Slovenia's Entry Into the Schengen Zone More

Personalized stamps More



The 15th anniversary of Slovenia's independence, stamp issuing and of the independent operation of the Slovenia Control responsible for air traffic control and air navigation services. More

Fruits of Slovenia - Kaki Diospyrus kaki L., Persimmon Flower More

Fruits of Slovenia - Persimmon Fruit More

Fruits of Slovenia - Flatid Planthopper (Metcalfa pruinosa Say) More

Gastronomy - Turkey More

Gastronomy - Yeast Cake More



Post horn More

Minerals - Zoisite More

EUROPA — Gastronomy Slovenia's Roll Cakes or Poticas More

Gastronomy - Ajdov Krapec and Prleška Gibanica More

Gastronomy - Tünka with Meat More



Post horn B - selfadeshive More

Fossils - Oligocene Fish More

Slovenia – NATO Member More

Fruits of Slovenia - Pear Blossom More

Fruits of Slovenia - Pear Psylla More

Fruits of Slovenia - The Williams Pear More


Minerals - Barite/Gornji Štrihovec More

Music - 50th Anniversary of the Music of the Avsenik Brothers More

EUROPA - Poster Art More

Fruits of Slovenia - Olive Blossom More

Fruits of Slovenia - Olive Fruit Fly More

Fruits of Slovenia - Istrska belica (Olive variety) More

Maribor Mail Sorting and Logistics Centre More



Fossils - Fossil Insect from the Oligocene More

Fruits of Slovenia - Bilberry More

Fruits of Slovenia - Winter Moth More

Fruits of Slovenia - Bilberry Blossom More


Fossils - Starfish Fossil More

Minerals - Fluorite A More

Minerals - Fluorite B More

Road Vehicles - Tram 100th Anniversary of the Arrival of the First Tram to Ljubljana More

Fruits of Slovenia - Redhaven Peach More

Fruits of Slovenia - Green Peach Aphid More

Fruits of Slovenia - Peach Blossom More



Minerals/Fossils - Dravite More

Minerals/Fossils - Trilobite More

Fruits of Slovenia - Apple Blossom Weevil More

Fruits of Slovenia - Apple Blossom More

Fruits of Slovenia - "Dolenjska voščenka" Apple More

Fruits of Slovenia - Vigred More

Fruits of Slovenia - European Cherry Fruit Fly More

Fruits of Slovenia - Cherry Blossom More



Minerals/Fossils - Cinnabar More

Fauna - Horses, Lipizzan More

Fauna - Horses, Slovene warm-blooded horse More

Fauna - Horses, Ljutomer trotter More

Fauna - Horses, Slovene cold-blooded horse More



18th Winter Olympic Games - Nagano 1998 (Woman biathlete) More

18th Winter Olympic Games - Nagano 1998 (Woman skater) More



Animals of Slovenia - Threatened types of fresh water fish, Umbra krameri - no tail More

Animals of Slovenia - Threatened types of fresh water fish, Vimba vimba carinata - no tail More

Animals of Slovenia - Threatened types of fresh water fish, Streber streber - no tail More

Animals of Slovenia - Threatened types of fresh water fish, Salmo marmoratus - no tail More

Animals of Slovenia - Threatened types of fresh water fish, Umbra krameri More

Animals of Slovenia - Threatened types of fresh water fish, Vimba vimba carinata More

Animals of Slovenia - Threatened types of fresh water fish, Streber streber More

Animals of Slovenia - Threatened types of fresh water fish, Salmo marmoratus More


Art - painter Jožef Tominc More



Slovenian Scouts More

New Year More

Christmas More



700th anniversary of the Mother of God's Shrine in Loreto More